UNI of BATH cripple Tilting Vehicles...
The University of BATH are still not content.  They now  release  publications  stating  facts known
for decades.  What they truly reveal to us is their lack of research of " prior art"  before they wasted
millions of Euros on the  Clever control system.

The  "Clever"  is no more than a "CARVER"  with a totally unworkable control system crippling it.

cleverPDF   .       Here the "researchers"  at the Bath University reveal that they have
discovered the need for steer of the rear wheels when/if  these wheels do not tilt , to compensate
for the camber thrust from the front  tiltable wheel/s.   This fact was disclosed long before they
started work and was discussed in the CARVER patents.

They then enlighten us with their discovery of Automatic Countersteer  and how this can assist the
tilting process.  Again this fact has been revealed in the "CARVER " patents.

Furthermore it was clearly  stated  to them before they started work on the Clever system that the
system could not  work for obvious reasons.

MILLIONS OF  $$$$ LATER!....  "with our own old marks and bearings they now show us how to
get there"
And... what of BMW's  role as coordinators of the Clever project?  The truth is BMW knew even less  
about the prior art and this became clear in conversations I had with them later.
I know its hard to believe...  
Written years back...
invite anyone to observe the Clever in its videos.  The vehicle clearly can't
change direction quickly and as such would be dangerous in a normal road
environment. Compare the  CLEVER with the CARVER videos or with the
videos of my vehicle which are available on this site. The CLEVER is flawed
because it steers onto  its curved path before it tilts... and as anyone
technically minded will explain... this creates centrifugal force initially in the
wrong tilt direction which then has to be overcome with hydraulic tilt in the
required direction.
The result is a very slow tilt speed capacity.... and if you cant tilt fast you
cant change direction fast without overturning the vehicle.

It is a shame that the hopes of many are riding on this vehicle because with  
its present control system it can never deliver on its great promises.

Unfortunately this wont be the first time that a lot of money has been
lavished  on a futile control concept. The Mercedes "Life jet" used a similar
approach.  It  was  binned for the same reason.

People who trust that the best is being done to achieve a better and more
efficient vehicle will remain hopeful... and at least the Clever has brought
awareness of the potentials to a wide audience.

I have made many representations to the CLEVER group inviting them to  
compare their   vehicle with mine in a direct comparison to judge the
differences for themselves... but have received no acknowledgement of any
correspondence.    Phillip

I have now received a reply from BMW and I will quote directly from their
email. I wrote protesting that the CLEVER was unsafe.

NOTE:        Quoting selectively.

BMW to me:
  "You are right"....."the [clever] control system..... would
never work in real life"...." it is not fail safe and not operational safe"

BMW then go one to state that they will use the Carvers system.  To me: "
Our contacts with [Vandenbrink Carver] are very old and very good"...."
we know that a running tilting system is already existing and available
for us"
    end of quotes.  Phillip.